Dual Licensure Supervision



  • Instructor R. Joy Brunson-Nsubuga
  • 120-Minute Prerecorded Training
  • 2 credit hours (NBCC ACEP No. 7282, 23-349-S (SS-CSS) )
  • Price: $42 dollars
  • Quiz
  • Custom Certificate for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)
  • Contact Instructor at Relatively Speaking


Course Description:

An increasing number of supervisees are working towards multiple licensures to ensure competence when working with clients. In this webinar, we will discuss the history and evolution of the licensure process in North Carolina including efficiency, differing paradigms, challenges, barriers, and opportunities. This presentation will define dual licensure and explore the effects on the supervisee, supervisor, and client. Strategies will be provided for the clinical supervisor as it relates to ethics, professional disclosure, theoretical orientation, and the supervision contract.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define dual licensure supervision and describe the history and evolution of acquiring licensure in NC.
  2. Discuss the effects on the supervisee, the supervisor, and the client when it comes to dual licensure and dual licensure supervision.
  3. Apply new interventions and tools to assist supervisees in utilizing multiple licensures effectively with clients.


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