Harnessing the Power of Millennials



  • Instructor R. Joy Brunson-Nsubuga
  • 150-Minute Prerecorded Training
  • 2.5 credit hours (NBCC ACEP No. 7282)
  • Price: $53 dollars
  • Quiz
  • Custom Certificate for Continuing Education Credits
  • Contact Instructor at Relatively Speaking


Course Description:

This webinar will focus on the ever-changing landscape of behavioral health and the leadership needed to evolve with the trends. The pandemic has catapulted the behavioral health field into the future and our workforce is changing along with it. There are opportunities and challenges to review. This talk will focus on those trends with data, examples, and real-world experiences. Opportunities and challenges for the millennial team members will be discussed and those same opportunities and challenges for supervisors as well leading a millennial workforce.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Better understand the millennial team member, including successful supervision strategies, supportive work environment considerations, and training needs for those supervising millennial team members.
  2. Understand statistics and trends in the behavioral health profession, as well as influencing factors of hiring and retention rates.
  3. Build awareness of necessary skills for leaders in the field including fostering thought leadership and advocacy.


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