Substance Use and NC Ethics



  • Instructor R. Joy Brunson-Nsubuga
  • 180-Minute Prerecorded Training
  • 3 credit hours (NBCC ACEP No. 7282,NCASPPB 23-268-S (SS, ETHICS))
  • Price: $63 dollars
  • Quiz
  • Custom Certificate for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)
  • Contact Instructor at Relatively Speaking


Course Description:

Situations occur every day where our ethical code must be utilized to make the best decisions for ourselves and our clients. This webinar will focus on the ethical code for substance use professionals and will review cases from a macro-level board perspective, the therapist perspective, and the client perspective as it pertains to the breaking of the ethical code. This webinar will look at the process of filing a complaint and the outcomes for the therapist and client. Strategies and tools will be provided to support the therapist in identifying unethical situations and utilizing their resources to ensure ethical decisions are made.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To review and understand the written as well as the spirit of the ethical code.
  2. To understand the perspective of the code from the board, therapist, and client viewpoints.
  3. To review cases where a complaint has been filed and understand the process for the therapist.
  4. To develop strategies for identifying unethical situations and utilizing resources to make ethical decisions.


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